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When many people think of vision correction, they think of glasses. Glasses come in a variety of styles and may even be designed by a major label or brand name. While they can definitely make a fashion statement, they may not be for everyone with vision impairment. Contacts are easy to wear, are virtually undetectable, and make a great alternative to traditional eyeglass frames. Here at Lens Lab Express, our dedicated team of optometrists can offer you contact lens fittings and consultations when you visit us at our Woodside optical store.

Vision Correction Woodside

Vision Correction Woodside

Unlike glasses, contact lenses may not be for everyone. That is why a thorough eye examination is required before trying on a pair. Conditions such as dry eye syndrome can prevent you from wearing contact lenses comfortably and safely. Additionally, a comprehensive contact lens exam will also inform your eye doctor about the shape and condition of your eyes. The shape of your eye, or more specifically your cornea, will determine what kinds of contacts will work best to resolve your vision problem. Also, because contacts rest directly over the eye instead of resting on the bridge of your nose like glasses, they require a different prescription strength. Here at Lens Lab Express we can determine what your contact lens prescription would be in order to give you the best vision possible. Once that is complete, we will show you how to properly apply contacts, how to safely remove them, and what needs to be done when it comes to storage and sanitizing right here in our Woodside optical store. Contact lenses need to be taken care of with delicacy. Putting them in the wrong way or removing them improperly can damage the contact, or even your eyes. Additionally, contacts that are not properly taken care of can cause infections and other serious complications.

Here at Lens Lab Express, our team of eye care professionals wants to make sure that you get the best eye care possible. We will walk you through the entire process of keeping and caring for contacts once we have determined what prescription and lens type will work best for you. If you’re looking to switch to contacts, then schedule an appointment with us at our Woodside optical store today.

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