Woodside Eyeglass Store

Woodside Eyeglass Store

Do you find yourself reaching for a bottle of painkillers every time you put down your favorite book? Or do you find yourself straining your eyes to see that sign off in the distance? If either of these symptoms are a regular occurrence in your life, you could be dealing with a developing sight condition. Even if you have perfect eyesight all throughout your younger years, you can still develop and optical condition later in life. For the perfect diagnosis of your eyes, visit your Woodside eyeglass store at Lens Lab Express for a comprehensive eye exam to give your clearer vision.

WIf you are developing frequent headaches when reading the mornings newspaper, or taking in a new e-book on your favorite electronic reading device, you are most likely experiencing the effects of a symptom called eyestrain. Eye strain happens when your vision is being forced to work harder to see what normally comes naturally to you. Just like when your arms hurt after picking up a surprisingly heavy object, or holding a weight still for too long, your eyes too can hurt from over-use, resulting in painful headaches. Hyperopia or farsightedness is the ability to see only objects a distance, making it very difficult to read a recipe while you’re cooking dinner, or work on the computer for even short periods of time. Your local Woodside eyeglass store can provide you with a professional and effective eye exam to determine whether or not your symptoms are caused by hyperopia.

Natural loss of sight can happen so gradually that you may not even notice it on your own. When you often struggle to see objects at a distance, this can often seem completely normal, and is not something any of us regularly question. Often times our patients will have their vision loss pointed out to them by a friend, co-worker, or family member before ever realizing that their sight is not as perfect as it once was. This is especially true of myopia, a condition which causes your eyes to only be able to see objects close to you clearly. Headaches caused by eyestrain often accompany squinting to see objects at a distance, like the projector at your last board meeting, or the white board in your classroom. The best way to maintain your clear vision is by simply maintaining regular eye exams with your local Woodside eyeglass store.

At Lens Lab Express our Woodside eyeglass store does much more than sell quality corrective eyewear, we also provide comprehensive eye exams to determine whether or not you need vision correction. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can work with you to identify your symptoms, and test your vision to see if it is as perfect as you think it is. With the Lens Lab Express our convenient locations and on-site lab make it easy and affordable for you to see clearly.

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