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The licensed optometrist and opticians at Lens Lab Express are experts in how the eye works, and what diseases can prevent you from enjoying excellent vision for the rest of your life. On a daily basis, our licensed Woodside eye doctors perform comprehensive eye examinations, using their years of expertise to diagnose and detect the earliest warning signs of common age-related eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Additionally, our friendly opticians understand the advantages and unique attributes of a variety of eyeglass lenses and contact lenses, to help you make the best decision when choosing corrective lenses. Whether you come to Lens Lab Express to purchase discounted designer eyewear, or to update your optical prescription, our eye doctors and opticians are always ready to assist with all your eye care needs.

Regardless of your age, physical health or vision needs, routine eye exams at Lens Lab Express performed by our Woodside eye doctors are essential to a complete health care plan. A comprehensive eye exam at our Woodside optical store will involve a variety of tests and procedures that allow our optometrists to examine and analyze the health of your eyes, both externally and internally, as well as the quality of your eyesight. Tests range from reading an eye chart to examining your retina to a visual field test. To learn more about the common tests performed in an eye exam, come to Lens Lab Express today to speak with our doctors.

Sustaining beneficial eye health is an continuous collaboration between our Woodside eye doctors and patients. We encourage you to bring up any concerns or inquires you have regarding your vision and eye health during a comprehensive eye exam with our eye doctors. Whether you want to know if you can benefit from progressive lenses or the common warning signs of eye infections, or how to best prevent eye strain while on the computer, our eye doctors are ready and willing to share their wealth of knowledge.

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