Sunnyside Optometrist

Sunnyside Optometrist

During your eye exam our Sunnyside optometrists are not only evaluating your eyes for visual correction we are also checking the overall health and function of your eye.

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Most eye diseases have very little or slow symptoms and cannot be detected unless you have a comprehensive eye exam. It is important to catch eye diseases early as some diseases, like Glaucoma, are not reversible, but they can be managed and prevented.  Refractive errors, strabismus or muscular function of the eye, eye diseases dry eyes, and computer vision syndrome is also assessed at our Sunnyside optical facility.  In addition, if you opt for contacts, our link will provide a contact lens exam.  We believe you deserve all the service and quality we have to offer, and at Sunnyside we want you to count on our expertise of our optical staff to ensure a proper fit.

Sunnyside Sunglasses

If you need prescription sunglasses stop by our Sunnyside optical shop to see what we have to offer.  Some people believe sunglasses are only necessary in the summer.  However, ultraviolet radiation reaches the eyes not only from the sky above but also by reflection from the ground, especially water, snow, sand and other bright surfaces.  Protection from sunlight may be obtained by using UV absorbing eyewear.  At help writing thesis statement research paper come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles.  Ultraviolet radiation may play a contributory role in the development of various ocular disorders.  As your eye care professional we consider UV protected sunglasses to be an integral part of your eye care needs.
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