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Here at Lens Lab Express, the top Sunnyside optical store, we also offer top of the line eye health services in conjunction with our extensive selection of eyewear products and accessories. Our eye exams and prescriptions are some of the most important eyewear services that we have to offer, and they work hand in hand. If you depend on an optical prescription in order to see clearly each day, it is necessary that you visit us here at our Sunnyside optical store on a regular basis so that we can ensure that your optical prescription is up to date and that your vision correction methods of choice are functioning properly. During our comprehensive eye exams at our Sunnyside optical store, we use specialized examination techniques so that we can most fully and effectively evaluate your eye health and vision quality, and most usefully determine if your optical prescription is accurate. Some examples of the testing techniques you might encounter during your exams here at Lens Lab Express include: a slit lamp examination, a retinal exam, eye movement testing, visual acuity testing, a reading of your intraocular pressure, cover testing, and more depending on your medical history and any symptoms you might be experiencing at the time. If you use contact lenses, we will also take measurements of your eyes in order to ensure that your lenses are fitted comfortably. To add to your level of convenience, you can have your eyes examined and pick out the eyewear or contact lenses you need all in the same place when you choose Lens Lab Express.

If you would like to learn more about our eye exams or any of the other many eye care products and services available to you her eat our Sunnyside optical store, we encourage you to visit the main Lens Lab Express website to browse through some additional, detailed information that could be useful to you. You can also feel free to contact the staff here directly with any questions or comments that you might have. You can reach us by phone or online. We hope to see you here at Lens Lab Express soon.

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