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At Lens Lab Express, we know that your eyeglasses are a very important part of your daily life. So we want to help you to care for them. By keeping your eyeglasses clean and well maintained, they will last you for a long time and serve you well. And if your eyeglasses should be damaged and you are in need of a repair, well just come on in to see our Woodside Queens opticians because we can help. No matter what your eyeglasses are for- nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, reading, driving, or multiple reasons, you depend on them. And that is why you can depend on us.

11104 Eyeglass Adjustments

11104 Eyeglass Adjustments

When it comes to caring for your eyeglasses, the first and most important thing is to have a case in which to keep them when you are not wearing them. Soft cases are better than nothing, but hard shell cases are ideal. Not only do they keep your eyeglasses free from dirt, scratches, chemicals, and other potential contaminations, but they give them protection from being broken or crushed. So if your eyeglass case is accidentally sat on, dropped from a counter, or stepped on, your hard shell case will give you the best chance of keeping them free from damage and ready to wear. Our Woodside Queens opticians offer a selection of cases for your eyeglasses, so come on in and choose the one that is right for you.

In the midst of your daily routine, we know just how busy things can get. But try not to set your eyeglasses down anyplace where they can be damaged. One place that you should avoid is your bathroom vanity. Spills, chemicals, and scratches can happen very easily there. Also, try not to leave your glasses in your car on hot days. Sometimes, even when your eyeglasses are on your face they can still be at risk. Pushing them back on your head can knock your frames out of alignment, for example. The reality, though, is that even the most careful person can find themselves needing repair on their eyeglasses. When that does happen, you can count on our Woodside Queens opticians. We will provide you with timely repairs at a reasonable price. If your eyeglasses are damaged to the point that they are not repairable, we can help you to get a replacement quickly so that you do not have to struggle without them.

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