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Maspeth eyewear

Maspeth eyewear

It’s important that people of all ages protect their eyes, especially from the sun. Most people are aware of the damage that the sun can do to skin, but what many people may not realize is that the sun can do similar damage to your eyes and your eyesight as well. If your eyes are exposed for prolonged periods of time, then you may be at risk for a number of different things, including sun damage. With the right Maspeth eyewear from us here at Lens Lab Express you can easily protect your eyes with prescription or nonprescription sunglasses.

Sunglasses are widely seen as a fashion accessory or a useful tool when it comes to preventing or alleviating glare. Both things are true, but sunglasses can also help to protect your eye health and prevent damage to your eyes as well. It’s important that sunglasses aren’t just any old pair of sunglasses however – they need to be 100% UV protected. UV protected sunglasses can help to eliminate the harmful UV rays that have the potential to damage your eyes over time. People who have experienced prolonged to sun exposure to their eyes experience symptoms similar to sunburn, eye discoloration, and are even at an increased risk for eye diseases of all kinds. It is also important that you protect your eyes from glare, which can be temporarily blinding and dangerous in certain situations. Here at Lens Lab Express we can provide patients of all kinds with the vision tests that they need every year to make sure that their eyesight is taken care of, as well as with Maspeth eyewear in the form of prescription or nonprescription sunglasses.

As important as it is to wear sunscreen during the summertime, it is just as important that you wear sunglasses whenever the sun is particularly strong outside. Protect your eyes and your eyesight with 100% UV protected sunglasses from us here at Lens Lab Express. Call us today to book an appointment or stop on by our optical store to see what Maspeth eyewear options we have in stock.

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