Glaucoma Treatment in Sunnyside NY

Glaucoma – causes, symptoms, diagnostic testing, treatment options in Sunnyside NY

Glaucoma treatment in Sunnyside NY

Glaucoma treatment in Sunnyside NY

Do you suffer from glaucoma and need expert glaucoma treatment in Sunnyside NY from an esteemed eye doctor? Call our office at Lens Lab Express today to learn what we can offer you in terms of elite-level, compassionate care. We’ll go the extra mile to help you achieve and maintain optimal optical health!

Under the leadership of our esteemed doctors, our team of seasoned specialists at Lens Lab Express is proud to offer top tier optical care to our fellow members of the New York metropolitan community and its surrounding neighborhoods. Our exceptional treatments are informed by our doctors’ many years of experience in providing thorough eye examinations, excellent vision correction, and timely and sensitive diagnosis of eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and dry eyes. With his high-level treatment and the advanced technology at our state-of-the-art facility, we’re able to offer patients highly effective and pain-free treatments that offer better vision and an improved quality of life. We also understand the importance of making patients feel respected, welcome, and well-informed; that’s why our light-hearted office environment is carefully maintained to ensure that patients of all ages and walks of life can feel at-home from the moment they walk through our door. Our wide variety of services are fit to treat the entire family and include comprehensive eye examinations, contact lenses as well as the requisite exam and fittings, access to our enormous selection of designer frames and sunglasses, reading glasses, optical prescriptions filled, same-day services for many optical needs, and duplication of existing pairs of eyeglasses. and many more. Call our office today to ensure that you receive elite level glaucoma treatment in Sunnyside NY. A leading cause of blindness worldwide, “Glaucoma” refers to a collection of eye diseases that cause a buildup of intraocular pressure which in turn causes damage to the optic nerve.

To speak with a caring eye doctor about glaucoma treatment in Sunnyside NY, don’t hesitate to reach out to our esteemed practice at Lens Lab Express!

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