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Contact lenses in Sunnyside

Contact lenses in Sunnyside

Years ago if you had astigmatism it may have not been possible for you to have worn contact lenses. Happily, today most people are able to wear contact lenses – especially people with astigmatism. So if you have been wanting to wear contact lenses, but have been thinking that you would not be able to find contact lenses that would be comfortable and effective, there is no need to have that stop you anymore. So if you have astigmatism but want contact lenses in Sunnyside, be sure to visit us at Lens Lab Express for a contact lens exam and fitting.

At Lens Lab Express we are happy to provide all of our patients with personalized eye care in a relaxed and stress-free environment. We offer a wide variety of eyeglasses frames, sunglasses and contact lenses for sale. Many of our patients appreciate the ability to experience one-stop shopping at our eye care practice. It saves them a lot of time in their busy day to not have to travel to a different location to purchase eyewear. When you have a contact lens exam and fitting our optometrist will let you know which type of contact lenses in Sunnyside will work best for you. Even patients with astigmatism can achieve clear vision using soft contact lenses. It used to be that patients with astigmatism were often prescribed hard contact lenses, which were difficult to get used to, and even sometimes uncomfortable to wear. However, given the advances in contact lenses and contact lens materials, patients with astigmatism are now able to easily wear soft contacts.

When you get contact lenses in Sunnyside, you will most likely have several options to choose from. Soft contact lenses come in a variety of styles which have different benefits. Soft contact lenses can be daily wear lenses which are worn during the day and then removed at night for cleaning. Soft contact lenses can also be extended wear lenses. Extended wear lenses can be slept in and worn for many days in a row. Finally there are disposable lenses. Disposable lenses are worn only once, usually for a day, and are then thrown out and replaced with a new pair of disposables. We are also able to offer color-changing lenses which make it appear as though the color of your iris has changed. These lenses can be refraction correcting or non-correcting. However, all contact lenses do require a prescription to ensure that the lenses fit your eyes comfortably and safely.

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